Bulge, 2003, Final Collection, Fu-Jen University
Sliver, textile, steel, balloon / ear piece
Bulge#01 Bulge#04
Sliver, textile, acrylic / arm piece Sliver, textile, acrylic, balloon / neck piece
Bulge#03 Bulge#05
Sliver, textile, acrylic, balloon / face piece Sliver, textile, acrylic, balloon / leg piece

"a perfect body = a body - extra fat = a body + fatty jewellery?"

The concept of "bulge" was inspired by "portable fat", by the conflictive motivation of being fit and being thin in a way of wearing things on nude body. If, ideally, a perfect body equates a body without extra fat, could wearing fatty jewellery makes a perfect body? If, ideally, jewellery is something that we can wear on and take off, can we also wear on and take off fat?

"Fat move around every second in our body."

For work #01, I use acrylic ball to symbolize the fat, and casting silver spikes for metalic fur.

For Work #02-04, I use balloon to create the lightest space for different part of body adornment. The balloon will be ageing and shrink as time goes by. The jewellery will go alive with the wearer's body.

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