Crushing Jewellery, 2006, Final Collection, Royal College of Art


1. Put your hand into the crushing tool.

2. Crush it down.

3. Wear your jewellery away.




1. Stand on the crushing tool.

2. Wear the crushed jewellery on as necklace and maybe continue deform it with your buttock.

Crushing Jewellery#01   Crushing Jewellery#02
copper electricform, steel / arm piece Silver, Steel, artificial beads / necklace

For my final collection in Royal College of Art, I focused on the concept of personalizing jewellery through deconstruction. This series of works themselves are machines that can help the users to crush their own jewellery by their bodies with their intentions. Through the crushing process, they end up will have personalized jewellery that like on others. The crushing jewellery part are made of silver electroform, the crushing tool part (#01-04) are made of steel by laser cutting.


Crush is irreversible action; your jewellery cannot belong to someone else.




1. Put it on the back of your coat.

2. Stand against the wall and lean on the wall.

3. Crush the jewellery.

4. Wear the leftover jewellery that is still on the coat after the crushing.

Crushing Jewellery#03  
silver electricform / back piece  
Crushing Jewellery#04 Crushing Jewellery#05
silver electricform, steel / brooch, earring silver electricfoem / necklace


1. Put your hand into the steel-crushing tool.

2. Push down until the front part and the back part of jewellery have been crushed.

3. Collect the crushed brooch (front) or earring (back) and wear.


1. Use your fingers, your back, your buttock, or your feet to crush it.

2. Wear it on......after most of standardized silver balls have been individualized after crushed.

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