Hey, why you follow me?, 2004

Hey, why you follow me?, 2004
wool, silver, steel / rings


This work is inspired by a piece of music that gave me endless tense emotions. I made up a story about the endless tension......

"Once up on a time, there was a person running, he was running because he was scared. Somehow, there is a stranger following him sadly, like a ghost. He began to run sadly, but somehow, the stranger still followed him sadly. (This is because the two have been connected, and there is no way he can stop until the other stops.) "Hey, why you follow me?" He spoke to himself and ran faster."

Many people tap their fingers unconsciously when they are nerves. Two puppets on the top of this jewellery reveal the wearer's tense emotion whilst the wearer's fingers continue tapping whilst everybody wants to stop this endless tension.

© yuwenlu 2013