ZZ, 2010, YKK Project, ITS#NINE, ModAmont Award
#01-#04 leather, wood, zip, bolt & nut / bag, jewellery
ZZ#02 ZZ#03



Inspired by the motion of zipping, piping, and beading, I design this series of Jewellery-bag for YKK project. Every unit of this Jewellery-bag is made into the same form – a diamond shape tube with zips on both square edges.

The shape on each side of diamond tube is like the parallelogram between "ZZ". The user can simply create his or her favourite bag by zipping the block units together in different order.

To wear it as jewellery - simply hangs it around neck or shoulder or hand. To use it as bag – simply unzip the bag, preserve personal things inside, and zip the bag up.

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